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Expert advice you can trust from lawyers who really care.

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Big firm expertise. Small firm attention.

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We measure our success by your success.

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Our Promise

At CCSB Law, not only do we advise on the most complex business, tax, and commercial real estate transactions, we understand that behind every private company and family-owned business, there are real people and intricate relationships. That is why we believe that delivering personalized service is just as important as providing sound legal advice. And we don’t think that you should have to pay a premium to get both.
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Updates and Transactions

CCSB Law works with companies on matters of all sizes, from large international multi-million dollar deals to smaller transactions for entrepreneurs. For sampling of our representative work, read more.

Our People


"Wills and estates planning can get very personal so it’s important that our clients feel comfortable talking to us about their private matters. We know how to put people at ease. We first listen to their unique situations and then we formulate solutions that best address their plans and wishes."


"Clients come to us for reassurance that they’re doing the right things to ensure sustainable growth and success for their companies from a legal perspective. The depth of knowledge and level of support that we provide gives them faith that they are acting in the best interests of their businesses and families."


"We have a lot of respect for what business owners and managers do because we know the risks that they take and the pressure that they’re under. We also see the incredible pride they feel when they succeed and that is what motivates us to support them as best we can."


"We work tirelessly to provide top-notch, practical and strategic legal advice to our clients, but we believe there is more to being a business lawyer than just that. We care deeply about our clients, get actively involved in helping their businesses grow, and focus on achieving their goals with an exceptional level of personal service and attention."


"By marrying the very technical nature of taxation with the complex interpersonal dynamics of owner-managed businesses, we are able to provide our clients with recommendations that truly make sense for the entrepreneur, their families, and their companies."


"We are very interested in what our clients have to say. We listen then we ask insightful questions. And when we have all the information that we need, we work diligently until we come up with the best legal solutions for their real estate, tax, estate planning, and business issues."


"We are extremely thorough, strategic, and detail-oriented to ensure that every transaction will stand the test of time."

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"While tax law, estates law, real estate law and corporate law are each individually valuable in myriad ways, it is the combination and interaction between these areas that distinguish good solutions from great ones. Our multi-disciplinary practice can ensure that you get the right solution for any business context, but also that the solution you receive works harmoniously with the whole of your financial picture."

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