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Vicky Schwartz



Through her extensive experience with corporate records, Vicky Schwartz has learned that any error, even one as small as a typo, can have cause a major setback for a filing or a transaction. That’s why she works hard to ensure that everything she does for the lawyers and clients is flawless.

In her role within the corporate records management practice, Vicky oversees the maintenance of various corporations in both federal and provincial jurisdictions. She has extensive experience in various corporate matters which include incorporations, organizations, amendments, dissolutions, revivals, re-organizations, and ongoing corporate maintenance. Her duties also include the incorporations, registrations and maintenance of professional corporations.

Vicky joined CCSB in 2012. In addition to an intense focus on details and consistency, Vicky feels that the CCSB team is able to provide high quality legal services because of their ability to work so well as a cohesive unit.


Vicky received her Legal Assistant Diploma from Humber College. 

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