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Tina Tan


When Tina Tan first joined CCSB in 1995, she was the corporate records maintenance department. But as the law firm’s client base rapidly grew, so did the need for additional corporate law clerks. Today, Tina manages a team of five clerks, providing them with training and support, and managing the department’s workload.

Tina has substantial experience in various corporate matters including corporate and tax reorganizations which she gained as a law clerk at both Goodman and Carr and CCSB.

She takes great pride in the quality of legal services that the firm provides and the high caliber transactions that the legal team regularly takes on. Tina attributes the lawyers’ approachable and personable nature with both staff and clients as a major factor in the continued success of the firm. 


Tina is a member of The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario and International Paralegal Management Association. 


Prior to embarking on a legal career she was a graduate of nursing (SRN, SCM) in the United Kingdom.

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